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سيكريت ديو

سيكريت ديو Dual non-ablative fractional technologies of micro-needle RFand 1540 Er:glass laser المواصفات علاج الوجه Non-Ablative Skin ResurfacingAcne ScarsTone & Texture ImprovementActive AcneWrinkle ReductionsNon-surgical FaceliftsAtrophic ScarsSkin Lifting & TighteningPore Reductions علاج الجسم Skin TighteningScarsSpider VeinsStretch Marks Fractional RF micro-needle Non-surgical FaceliftsSkin TighteningWrinkle ReductionsPore ReductionsAcne ScarsScarsSpider VeinsStretch Marks 1540nm fractional laser Non-Ablative Skin ResurfacingActive AcneAtrophic ScarsWrinkle […]

سيكريت ار اف

سيكريت ار اف Micro-needle Fractional RF System with Advanced Anti-aging RF Technology THE ‘SECRET’ MULTI-PLATFORM RF SYSTEM Secret RF was designed to be an RF-based multi-platform system that combines individual, fractional, multiple and single thermo-coagulation technologies in a single system. This standout multi-functionality system boosts treatment efficacy and reliability for a range of dermatological conditions […]

كوراس كيو سوتشد

كوراس كيو سوتشد نظام ليزر Q⁃switched Nd: YAG المتقدم المواصفات علاج Tattoo RemovalHair BleachingPigmented LesionsOnychomycosisMelasmaSkin Rejuvenation ADVANCED Q-SWITCHED Nd:YAG As an advanced Q-switched Nd:YAG laser system, CuRAS provides optimal performance for the treatment of tattoos, melasma, non-ablative resurfacing and pigmented lesions. The dual 1064/532nm wavelengths with different handpieces enable practitioners to select a wide […]

فراكشنال ليزر | فراكسس

فراكسس نظام CO₂ الجزئي لتقشير الجلد High Power CO2 Fractional Laser For Skin Resurfacing & Vaginal Rejuventaion Fraxis is a fractional CO2 system that delivers precise and accurate energy to the targeted tissue with predictable ablaton and less pain for optimal treatment result. INDICATIONS Vaginal laxity Stress incontinence Vaginal itchiness & burning Dryness and loss […]